30mm scale, total height 42mm
Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.
Miniature sculpted by Thomas DAVID.
Miniature painted by Thomas DAVID.



Shipping, 3 euros woldwide.
Usually shipped within two weeks.

Death. Eternal rest.

This saying is less true than ever. When a soldier falls in the line of duty, the suffering of the late one now adds up to his family’s usual mourning. If his soul is strong enough, he has to achieve one more task: to knock down new lives, to destroy again and again.

As he is embedded in the body of an Exterminator, he becomes a soldier again and resumes fighting but for the opposite camp. Thus he will kill his former comrade in arms, his former brother. Even if most of the features of robots have been predetermined, some of them may even be aware of their actions, which makes them hesitate in certain critical situations.

This tragedy is obviously directed by Hades.

But it is not “only” out of pure perversity, it is first and foremost in order to make up for limited sources of energy. Indeed, nothing is better than the souls of men to supply his creations. That’s right, the human soul is an excellent battery. This bluish fire, which has been implanted in the Exterminators’ hearts, never runs out.

Hades had found this trick in order to even out his power struggle with Zeus, at the time when the most powerful of gods ruled on Mount Olympus. When the latter was murdered, his robots took the lead in the war and pushed the living souls back into their golden cities, leaving a barren and desolate land behind them.

Once more, men are gods’ toys, and that is the price to pay for making it to the Elysian Fields.