30mm scale, total height 37mm
Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.
Miniature sculpted by Thomas DAVID.
Miniature painted by Thomas DAVID.

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Shipping, 3 euros woldwide. Usually shipped within two weeks. Athena would certainly be the pride of her father Zeus, if he was still alive. She still makes her uncle Hades proud, however. Without her, the Lord of the Dead would be bored to death. She was the quickest to react when Zeus was murdered. As the protector of Athens she organized the first defensive lines and faced the tide of Exterminators sent by Hades. The stream of dead warriors burned a good part of the city to ashes but finally had to withdraw after heavy losses. The goddess had fought on all fronts with the energy of despair, and won. After the initial chaos, she re-organized the military life and politics of Athens, from now on called New-Athens. With the support of Themis and the Senate she passed the first protective laws of the City-States. She was wise enough to gather the surviving humans in the remaining cities, and had them take off towards the stratosphere, to safety. In these gigantic City-ships, humanity was out of reach of Hades. The Phlegrean Fields were no longer the only way to Hell: the Dead could spring at leisure from the open wounds  left by the extraction of the Cities. The earth became a vast desert at the hands of the enemy: a price to pay for the survival of humanity. The death of the First God had a considerable impact on the life of the people, heroes and gods. The divine balance was shaken, new allegiances strengthened both sides and the war that began then still rages today. The balance between the Dead and the Living is still precarious, but Athena is supported in her fight and the object of her quest is clear: send the forces of Hades back where they come from, beyond the Acheron. Where they belong.